3 Life-Changing Tips for the PayByPhone App

3 Life-Changing Tips for the PayByPhone App

Life can be stressful. Parking doesn’t have to be! Here are three favourite tips for the PayByPhone app that will make your life easier.

Save Your Frequently Used Locations

We are creatures of habit, even when it comes to parking! With our daily routines, we find ourselves returning to the same places, whether it be work, dance practice, the grocery store or school.

With our ‘Favourites’ feature, you can favourite your most frequently used parking locations on the PayByPhone app, to be easily accessed again at a later date. Your favorited locations can be found under the “Favourites” tab that comes up when you go to type in a new location number.

Add Multiple Vehicles to Your Account

Does your household use more than one car? Or do you drive a separate car for work? If you’ve registered for a PayByPhone Account, you can add multiple vehicles to your account, allowing you to easily select the correct license plate when you begin a new parking session.

Extend from the App on your Apple Watch

Out exploring and don’t have your smartphone handy? You can pay for parking, receive reminders and extend your parking session all with a fews taps on your apple watch. Just make sure the PayByPhone app is synced on your watch.

Talk about efficiency!

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