Take control of your parking operations.

Take control of your parking with PayByPhone. We offer solutions for cities, private lots, hospitals, universities & more.
PayByPhone is the leader in mobile parking payments.
  • We offer solutions for cities,  municipalities, private lots, hospitals, universities and more.
  • We work with trusted client and technology partners to find bespoke solutions for you. 
  • We outperform our competitors because we put in place tailored strategies that reflect your unique needs.  

After our service has been implemented, we continue to support our clients on their journey. 

With PayByPhone get meaningful and actionable insights delivered on-demand, including dashboards that provide real-time monitoring.

Reports that work for you

  • Get meaningful and actionable insights delivered on-demand, including dashboards that provide real-time monitoring.
  • Access  reports at any time to keep on top of your daily operations and all of your transactions.

Personalised rates for added control

  • Update and manage rates and parker profiles easily in real time. 
  • Provide drivers with preferred rates based on eligibility and permissions.
  • Accommodate special access for residents or city staff, and validate the status of user groups such as disabled parkers or car shares. 
PayByPhone report

Seamless integration

From hand-held enforcement devices to License Plate Recognition (LPR), and virtually everything in between, seamlessly integrate with your existing technology. 
No need to queue

Extensive experience

We have worked with parking operators of all sizes, facing many different challenges, so we understand those pressures very well - and have solutions to help.
Cashless Payments. Cost Effective. Pay for Parking using the App. Available in North America & Canada.

Cost effective

Moving to cashless parking payments saves you money – less risk of theft from machines, lower cash collection charges, and much lower costs for banking the cash too.
Save time

Save time

Centralizing parking payments to cashless is a simple and easy way to help time-pressured teams save considerable amount of admin time.

Reviews & testimonials

“I firmly believe that the extraordinary success of PayByPhone in Miami is, in part, the result of our strong belief in the shared value of partnership. Over the course of almost ten years, our collaboration with PayByPhone has driven innovation and made a positive impact on our business and the community we serve.”
City of Miami
Alejandra Argudin - CAPP, LEED AP, Chief Executive Officer, Miami Parking Authority
“PayByPhone is a company that is well-poised for the future. The product as it works now is great, but PayByPhone has clearly made some investments in what the future holds for mobile payment.”
City of Seattle
Mike Estey - SDOT Manager of Parking Programs, Transit and Mobility Division
“I thought it would be a great solution for all the people who come to our campus to have an alternative to standing in line to use the pay station. [In addition to this] PayByPhone has allowed us to supplement the parking solutions on campus and have fewer infrastructure costs because we have less pay stations.”
San Diego State University
Deborah Richeson - Director, Parking & Transportation Services
“After the first month, our collectors [told] me the long-term meters [were] getting lighter on coin.”
City of Burnaby
Bill Johns - Parking Services Supervisor, City of Burnaby

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