Vancouver, BC – April 13, 2022 – As the first quarter of 2022 comes to a close, we’re reflecting on the numerous launches we have completed in North America. 

From the West to the East coast, we’ve welcomed many new cities to our roster, as they have adopted PayByPhone in their communities. Not only do these launches mean that the municipalities can now offer PayByPhone to their parkers, but that our user base of over 50 million active users now has access to contactless parking via our app when they visit these locations. 

Since January 1st, 2022, we have launched a total of 10,757 parking spaces in eight cities and one university campus, across five US states. We’re looking forward to many more launches as the year progresses, and in the meantime read on to learn more about the cities that have adopted PayByPhone in Q1. 


  1. San Luis Obispo, CA

  2. Launched January 17th, 2022

  3. Number of spaces: 2,400

  4. Read more here.


  1. City of Dania Beach, FL

  2. Launched February 1st, 2022

  3. Number of spaces: 627


  1. Allentown, PA

  2. Launched February 2nd, 2022

  3. Number of spaces: 2,511

  4. Read more here.


  1. City of Medford, MA

  2. Launched February 22nd, 2022

  3. Number of spaces: 987

  4. Read more here.


  1. South Dakota State University, SD

  2. Launched February 24th, 2022

  3. Number of spaces: 70


  1. North Bay Village, FL

  2. Launched March 1st, 2022

  3. Number of spaces: 455

  4. Read more here.


  1. City of Melrose, MA

  2. Launched March 10th, 2022

  3. Number of spaces: 189

  4. Read more here.


  1. Redondo Beach, CA

  2. Launched March 31st, 2022

  3. Number of spaces: 3,518

  4. Read more here.

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About PayByPhone

PayByPhone’s aim is simple: simplify your journey so you can focus on what matters most.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, they are one of the fastest growing mobile payments companies in the world, processing more than $550 million USD in payments and over 5 million downloads per year. Available in more than 1,000 cities across the globe, PayByPhone helps millions of consumers easily and safely pay for parking without the hassles of coins, lines, or fees. Their smart, intuitive technology is at the centre of their user-first approach, delivered to make everything as simple as possible.

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