Vancouver, BC — Drivers will be able to use their PayByPhone account to pay for tolls on the new Port Mann Bridge when tolling is implemented in December 2012 without the need to install a tag.

By simply opting a vehicle in for tolling on the account profile page the driver will automatically receive an SMS every time they cross the bridge confirming that payment has been processed, an optional email receipt is also available. Drivers can opt in and out of accepting responsibility for toll payments for a vehicle as well as add new vehicles via the consumer website or mobile apps which provides an easy to use toll payment management tool. PayByPhone users will have the added advantage of being able to pay for both parking throughout Vancouver and road tolls from a single secure account rather than signing up for a separate account for each service.

During the introductory offer period from December until March 1st 2013 drivers using PayByPhone will receive 50% off the published tariff and only pay $1.50 each crossing for a car.

PayByPhone is pleased to be introducing this new payment service alongside the long established parking  service to make life easier for drivers to securely manage daily vehicle payments from both traditional and smart cell phones. For more information please visit the PayByPhone toll page.

Key Dates:

  • Dec 1, 2012: Bridge officially opens
  • Dec 8, 2012: Tolling commences
  • Mar  1, 2013: Toll rates go from $1.50 to $3.00