On Monday, January 16, Park Cedar Rapids will launch a new service allowing customers to pay by phone or mobile application instead of using the new LUKE multi-space parking meters.

Customers can sign up for a free ‘PayByPhone’ account by calling 1-888-450-7275, downloading the PayByPhone app (Blackberry, iPhone and Android are all supported) or by visiting www.paybyphone.com. Once an account has been established with PayByPhone, customers will need to enter their location number (currently listed on a sticker on the front of each LUKE meter), space number (located on the orange sign by the individual parking space) and preferred length of stay. 

Those using the PayByPhone option can also elect to receive a text message notice when their meter time is about to expire and can add more time directly from their mobile device if they have not exceeded the posted time limit for the space. Park Cedar Rapids is currently working with City officials to approve the addition of on-street signage that will allow customers to view all information needed to complete a PayByPhone transaction from their vehicle.