Downtown Paid Parking FAQ

How do I pay for parking Downtown?
PayByPhone allows drivers to pay their parking by using the internet, a smartphone app, or by calling a toll-free number.

Use Location Code 5689

How is parking enforced on Downtown?
Parking is monitored via automatic license plate readers on specified vehicles and handheld devices.

Why are there no numbered parking spaces?
Payments are valid for any available, identified parking space. Visitors are free to relocate to a different available, identified space during the allotted paid parking time with no penalty or need to pay additional fees.

Can I transfer my parking payment from one vehicle to another?
No, please note that all parking validations are associated with a single license plate which is designated on your transaction and are non-transferrable.

What about handicapped parking?
There are identified handicapped parking spaces located throughout Downtown. Vehicles that display the proper handicap plate or hangtag are not subject to pay parking fees. Please note that the hangtag on a vehicle must be associated with an individual in the vehicle using the hangtag.

How do I secure a parking space Downtown?
Parking spaces Downtown are available on a first come, first served basis. Paying in advance for parking does not guarantee an available parking space.

I have a golf cart and I enjoy using it to travel Downtown. How am I able to pay to park since my golf cart does not have a license plate?
Golf cart owners are able to register their golf carts through Pay by Phone using the golf cart registration number in lieu of a license plate number.

I have an annual pass for the Seawall. Is this pass good for Downtown?
The Seawall and Downtown have separate location codes; the annual pass for Seawall is not valid for Downtown. An annual pass is not available for Downtown.

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