The City of Fayetteville, located in northwest Arkansas, saw PayByPhone transactions increase by 45% during 2015. 

“This trend reflects the convenience of paying remotely via phone and illustrates the growing comfort level that users have with PaybyPhone’s features,” said Justin Clay, parking manager for the City. 

Users can pay for parking in Fayetteville’s Entertainment District by downloading the PaybyPhone app on their smartphone and creating an individual account profile. Once signed up, users simply enter the location for Fayetteville (2525), then the four-digit parking space number, followed by the desired parking time. Users can also submit this information through PayByPhone by calling 888-450-7272.

PayByPhone can also send reminders via text when time is about to expire, allowing users to add more time remotely. “Being able to enjoy all that the Entertainment District has to offer without having to run out and ‘feed the meter’ is a tremendous benefit to patrons,” Clay said.