Pay by mobile, park easier !

We launched the PayByPhone adventure in 2009 with a clear objective in mind: to revolutionise parking payment to make the everyday life of motorists easier. 

What pride to see that, ten years later, more than 30 million users on 3 different continents have changed their habits thanks to us... and the story has only just begun! 

With PayByPhone, you no longer need to change money or run to the ticket machine. In 3 clicks, our app allows you to pay and manage the payment of your parking remotely from a smartphone. Result: you lose less time and enjoy the essentials!


We simplify your journey, so you can focus on what matters most.

PayByPhone values :

Our values - just like our reason for being that you have just read above - were not chosen at random: they were imagined and determined by all our employees based in France but also in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

They are therefore in our image and are naturally anchored in the daily lives of each of our current and future employees, since they will enable us to remain true to ourselves over the long term.

Life at PayByPhone

We make every effort to enable our employees to develop professionally in order to express their talent and motivation through their missions. We believe this is the recipe for an exciting environment that benefits everyone - and gives rise to innovative technological projects.