As the world responded to COVID-19, we at PayByPhone did as well. Being a technology company, our infrastructure and tools were already set up to support remote work, so the move to a fully work-from-home model wasn’t that challenging. Now, as we start to reopen our office doors, the health and safety of our employees and customers continues to be our top priority. That’s why we wanted to share the measures we’re putting in place to minimize risks and support our greatest asset – our people.

Following guidance from the local Government and Health authorities, we have been working on a plan to reopen limited office space for team members to be their most productive selves. Remote work continues to be our standard, yet we will now offer the option to work onsite during normal business hours for those who need it most.

The following practices have been implemented to ensure we uphold safety regulations and practice safe physical distancing:

  • Designating a committee to monitor and coordinate workplace efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Limiting the amount of people in the office at any given time 
  • Prioritizing those who have challenges in their remote working environment
  • Kitchen amenities are temporarily unavailable in the office 
  • Common areas are limited to accommodate physical distancing 
  • Entry and exit plans have been posted 
  • No guests/visitors/deliveries are allowed during this time
  • We recommend wearing masks for personal use in and outside the office
  • Sanitizers and hand wipes are available throughout the office 
  • Cleaning schedule has been increased to daily 
  • Virtual gatherings remain the standard for team meetings and recruitment activities
  • Zero tolerance policy for anyone with COVID-like symptoms in the office

Additionally, we have launched COVID-19 Safety Plans, a COVID-19 Workplace Safety Policy, and internal training for our team members to maintain a healthy and safe workplace. 

PayByPhone is committed to staying informed and up to date with relevant government guidelines and will continue to update our policies accordingly.  Let’s keep our community healthy, together.