Starting on February 1, there is a new way to pay your parking at the Chappaqua Train Station. The Town of New Castle and PayByPhone are delighted to announce the official launch of PayByPhone parking, a convenient alternative to standing in line at the pay station.

PayByPhone allows drivers pay their daily parking with a credit or debit card using a smartphone app. No more standing in the rain or snow at the parking meter. Now you can pay from the comfort of your car, or if you’re running late for the train, you can pay from the platform or even on the train.

“There is nothing worse than missing a train because you didn’t have enough time to pay for parking. With our quick and easy mobile payment options, drivers now have more time to catch their train, or grab a coffee before they depart. We are thrilled to partner with the Town of New Castle on this initiative,” says PayByPhone’s Chief Commercial Officer Barrie Arnold.

To sign up for a free PayByPhone account, download the smartphone app (iPhone, Android, and Blackberry supported), or visit Don’t have a smartphone? No problem. Simply dial 1-866-234-7275 and follow the voice prompts to set up an account and pay for your parking session using your credit or debit card. Your details are automatically saved for the next time you use PayByPhone.

For more information about PayByPhone parking at the Chappaqua Train Station, visit